First Assembly of God

Notes from Pastor Darrell Aug 2017

Hello! Here at USM we love summer time. From water games to youth camp, fund-raisers and youth rallies, there’s rarely been a dull moment. But like all good things, summer must wind down and end. Before it does however, we are celebrating two of our students who will be attending National Fine Arts Festival in Anaheim California. Congrats to Jonathon Davis and Emily Beers for their hard work and advancement to Nationals! We are praying for a safe and enjoyable week as you showcase your gifts for the nation’s AG students and judges.

Here in Steelville we are excited to welcome guest Missionaries, on Wednesday August 2nd at 7PM. We so value and appreciate our missionaries and welcome the opportunity to hear from them, but also to make our students aware of what is happening on the mission field. The special heart that these missionaries possess is one that we desire to see God cultivate in our students as they journey to get closer to Him; it is a heart of selflessness, dedication, perseverance, and most of all, the love of Jesus for the lost.

Of course, it is to that end that we challenge these young men and women to seize any opportunity to financially support our missionaries in their efforts: Enter Speed the Light! We are working diligently to meet our $10,000 goal by year’s end, and we firmly believe that God will provide a way! Offering contribution to this goal, one of our students, Jeremy Swyers, has put his abilities to work. On August 11th at 6PM, Jeremy will be doing 1,000 layups in the gymnasium at Massey Hall. The idea behind this huge task is to draw in sponsors and donors that will match 1 dollar per lay-up ending with at least $1,000 raised. We are very proud of Jeremy, so come out and show your support!

On Wednesdays, we will be wrapping up our series of teachings called “Summer Seven” and kicking off a brand-new school year of Wednesday night fun. So, stay up to date for all of the details!
School is, of course, back in session starting August 17th, and with the return of school, Unite Student Ministries will be there keeping pace by commissioning brand new campus missionaries and equipping students to reach their campus for Christ. This also means a new year of Youth Alive bible studies on both the middle school campus and high school campus. We are so grateful to God, and to our schools and teachers for allowing us that opportunity! Thank you for your love and support of our Students. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

~Pastor Darrell~